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Paul Logan, Professor

I had a number of issues with my knees and shoulder. In passing, I mentioned to a friend that I was having pain in those joints and she she recommended highly that I try acupuncture. After my first treatment, I immediately felt relief and continued to improve after each subsequent treatment. I always looked forward to my appointments and my conversations with her and recommend her highly!


Jim Rubin, Retired Journalist

Lysa has treated me for neck, shoulder, back and knee pain. The results have been remarkable. For example, I was suffering from spinal compression in my neck a few years ago and was pretty much in constant pain until she cleared it up combined with physical therapy. I have recommended her to many friends with an assortment of ailments, urging them to consider a centuries-old form of treatment that predates Western medicine. Thanks for everything Lysa.


Giselle Ruzany, M.A., LPC

Lysa Phan is a brilliant healer. I have come to see her due to a variety of ailments and every time felt better on that same day or week. She has healed pain coming from my scar tissues on my abdomen, issues with my one remaining ovary, has healed me from colds and respiratory and ear infections as well as muscle sprains and joint pain. I praise Lysa's abilities everywhere I go and I highly recommend her.


Derek Johnson, Retired Police Commander

I am pleased to say how well I have been served by Dr. Lysa over the past 4 years in the care of myself and many friends. She is dedicated to providing the utmost care. Dr. Lysa makes sure that you understand the diagnosis and fully communicates the needs for your treatment. I can easily recommend her services because this truly is a personal service.


Alex Lim, Sifu, US Jow Ga Martial Arts School

I have been a patient of Dr. Lysa for the past several years. I am very impressed with her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture and nutrition. She genuinely cares about her patients and is very thoughtful in making her recommendations for my health. If you or your loved ones have a chronic medical condition in which western medicine's answer is a lifetime of prescription medications, please consider another approach! Try Dr. Lysa!


Whether I came to see Lysa for back pain, tennis elbow, my sinuses or digestive issues she is a true intuitive. From her expert diagnostics, skilled needling, massage, and curated herbs, Lysa has brought wellbeing to my mind, body and spirit. I can't overstate the extent of the gifts of this brilliant practitioner and wise woman.

Sheryl Stratton​

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